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Broadening pathways for Sikh youth through Sikh representation and exposure

Udaari works to boost the career trajectories for Sikh youth by giving them the opportunity to learn from the personal and professional stories of Sikh leaders through workshops and events. 


While progress has been made, Sikh representation is still lacking. In speaking with Sikh youth across the country, we were surprised to see how narrow many of their future goals and professional aspirations were. We hope to make success feel tangible by enabling them to interface with someone who looks like them and shares their values. 


As such, we connect Sikh youth (from middle school through college) with Sikh leaders in various disciplines—law, engineering, medicine, politics, etc.—to give them exposure to all that is possible. We target younger Sikh youth because we want to make sure they have the time to act on the spark they discover and be well-prepared for their college and professional pathways.


Through connecting with speakers, we hope our Sikh youth feel that “If they accomplished this, I can too.”

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